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UX Dizajn edukacija

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Pridružite se tisućama ljudi koji su već uspjeli sa tečajevima UX dizajna. I vi možete uživati u odličnoj karijeri u ovom području.

"Taking the Professional Diploma in UX Design has been one of the best things that I’ve ever done.  The Diploma actually changed my career and it’s given me the opportunity that I wanted."
Stephanie Bell​
UX Designer
The Hut Group
"Employers knew I had limited UX experience but they liked the fact that I was passionate about learning. I love what I do now and I wouldn’t be where I am without the UX Design Institute."
Jonny Fraser
UX Designer
"The UX Design Institute gave me the support and portfolio I needed to move into UX, at the best price point. For me, it meant being able to get into a job within months of graduating."
Cassandra Cardiff
Research Lead
Pomegranate Media

Sveučilišni kurikulum

Ova profesionalna diploma kreditno je ocijenjena od strane Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU).
Bodovi su međunarodno priznati prema Europskom kvalifikacijskom okviru.

Izgradite svoj portfolio

Izradit ćete do 16 projekata iz stvarnog svijeta za praktično iskustvo u svim ključnim aspektima UX dizajna.

Ovaj profesionalni portfolio će pokazati poslodavcima vašu spremnost za posao.

“My course portfolio is how I got my job, it shows that you have the knowledge. You can talk about UX design, but you can also present a body of work.”
Alessio Ferracuti
UX/UI Designer, IES Ltd
Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash

Za koga je ovaj UX dizajn program?

Professional Diploma in UX Design

Build your UX career with university credit-rated and globally recognised professional diploma course. 

  • From: 517,00  + PDV / month for 3 months
    Globalno priznata edukacija koja će vas naučiti sve vještine za jedno od najtraženijim zanimanja u svijetu dizajna -  UX/UI dizajn. Izgradite svoj UX portfolio tokom programa i dobite stručnu podršku za karijeru, CV i intervju za posao. Sa stečenom diplomom postat će te UX/UI dizajn stručnjak na svijetskom nivou.

Normal Price € 2250
Introduction price € 1550

Learn a full UX design process over a 6 or 12 months period in an online, self-paced format with extensive student and career support.

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Od grafičkog dizajnera do UX dizajnera - svjedočanstvo

"I had five years of previous experience as a Graphic and Web Designer. I felt what I was doing in digital design was interesting, but there was so much that I needed to explore. I wanted to explore UX design because it felt like an industry that was really thriving. The knowledge gained from the course, teamed with my UX portfolio, is really what secured me my role as a UX designer."
Stephanie Bell
UX Designer at The Hut Group​

Često postavljena pitanja

Our application process is tailored to an individual basis and our Educational Advisors will work with you throughout your journey.

You don’t need experience in design or technology to enrol in this diploma course.

When deciding whether we are the right fit for each other, key elements such as background experience and commitment levels need to be assessed.

Our applicants come from various backgrounds including project management, development, graphic design or product management – therefore expertise in technology or design may benefit but isn’t mandatory when applying!

Most important though is dedication – studying any of the professional qualifications involves hard work which would pay off only if supported by commitment and vigour on your part while being backed up by the Institute every step along your educational path.

You need to be comfortable learning in English. All video lessons, course materials, webinars, correspondence and the final exam are delivered in English.

With our program, you can tailor your learning experience to best suit your availability.

1. Structured path
Our 6-month structured path will give you deadlines and video lessons each month along with a monthly mentor-hosted webinar for added guidance.

2. Self-directed path
Alternatively, take the self-directed approach – complete course materials at any pace within 12 months of enrollment while still having access to all the same resources as on the structured path.

Yes. The Professional Diploma in UX Design provides students with the unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience with 16 projects tailored for a comprehensive understanding of User Experience.

Working on an individual case study, learners will engage in research, design and prototyping of both websites and mobile apps resulting in portfolio pieces that demonstrate their knowledge as they develop into topnotch UX professionals!

Every project is an opportunity for you to develop proficiency – from exploring user needs to designing wireframes through prototyping – ultimately leading to mastering UI/UX skills with real-life applications.

Yes. Our mentors are some of the best and brightest UX professionals out there. They will be your trusted companion as you make your way through the course, inspiring and motivating you every step of the way.

You will be able to join them for their monthly webinars where they’ll answer any questions or review projects to ensure a successful learning and practical experience!

The UK higher education system is internationally renowned for its excellent standards. Our courses are all credit-rated by Glasgow Caledonian University, a highly-rated UK university.

The Professional Diploma in UX Design is allocated 20 credits at Level 8 on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework.
For guidance, please review the Certification Equivalents Table.

The courses are run on a monthly basis so you need to enrol by the 25th of each month to be able to join the following beginning of the month’s cohort.